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Michigan - Detroit Area Clinics - A List Of Free And Sliding Scale Clinics

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generations   in reply to sweet p
They moved its called IPH now
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sweet p   in reply to big booty
herman keifer is closed now.
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big booty
Where is herman keifer at do you have to pay for their services?
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misspriss93   in reply to askin for help
Does herman keifer take people with out any money of heathcare or id in dental
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Needs Help Bad   in reply to askin for help
Thank you!! My fiance has been having trouble with his teeth. We think it's a cavity, but we're not sure. We don't have insurance and are low-income. All we want is dental assistance, but each time we call, we get the runaround! I even called this place on 7 mile, 62 7 mile, I believe, and I stayed on hold for over an hour! This is ridiculous. People just don't seem to care, and I'm sick of it!
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askin for help
for having 50 clinics, I am wondering why i could not get any dental assistance for my wife. she needs a bridge replaced or a partial...i have called over 4 places and cannot receive any help.all say we cant help or call back in a month..if one of the dental docs had to replace their bridge...would they have to wait a month??...not a happy camper here
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This is a wonderful resource, Thank you for placing this on the internet.
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Well I'm disabled will it help me too
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